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Thu May 31 08:26:12 CEST 2007

Hi All,

Tennessee Leeuwenburg here, Editor-In-Chief of The Python Papers. I'm
currently looking for people interested in writing an article or otherwise
contributing to our next issue. It would be fantastic to continue the work
started by Michael in his article.

Cameron, if you're working on a series of articles, and are looking for a
place to publish them, I'd be happy to help. If you would like to submit
them as academic publications, we can do that too.

Jeff: I agree with others that the term "new programmers" is troublesome,
and also that finding a good alternative isn't easy! Many people who want to
do X will not identify as programmers. The term isn't so much important to
me as the idea that Python is an enabling tool for X. I think one way to go
forward is to focus as much on X as on Python. A collection of resources is
a great idea.

Anyway, I'd love to get people's feedback on whether The Python Papers can
help in this area, and if so, how.

All the best,

On 5/30/07, Cameron Laird <Cameron at phaseit.net> wrote:
> On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 10:05:36AM -0500, Michael Tobis wrote:
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> > Absolutely. I want there to be a well-designed computer language in
> > common use so that I can write simple pieces of code to convey the
> > fundamentals of climate and earth science that are policy relevant and
> > have substantive discussions with people, instead of having to go over
> > the fundamentals over and over again. That was my motivation for
> > getting interested in CP4E in the first place.
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> Confession time:  I'm working on a series of articles on
> this theme:  computationally-intensive science (essentially
> everything nowadays, in a sense I elaborate) is only real
> when the computations are based on open-source software.
> I think we should stay in touch with each other--let's hit
> our audiences high *and* low!  (Did anyone else play enough
> US team sports to understand that trope?).
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