[python-advocacy] The python way to write web applications

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tleeuwenburg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 06:12:08 CEST 2007

I've got a problem. Please, hear me out in case I've got it jumbled. Then
feel free to criticize my understanding of things -- I declare Crocker's

There seems to be no Pythonic way to write web applications. There are
python web application frameworks, but these stacks still require a lot of
javascript expertise. It doesn't look as though I can write a cross-platform
RIA with Python, authored from a linux development environment.

I can write flex applications, but apollo isn't ready for linux yet. I can
write Moonlight applications, but the authoring process is poorly
documented, requires compilation of mozilla from source (!) and isn't
up-to-date with respect to Silverlight. If I'm happy to constrain my widget
set, I can use some javascript toolkits to hide away the javascript to some
extent, but certainly for my purposes, and probably for all purposes, I just
know I'll be up to my elboys in javascript in no time.

I could try swigging mozilla and interacting with the browser directly, but
this is a jungle of old documentation and is clearly not a well-supported

The premier web toolkits like GWT and YUT appear to be totally

There just doesn't seem to be a Python solution to a modern web application.
The best I can now imagine is a decoupled system with Python on the backend.
Frankly, in this situation I don't see the point. The whole point of a web
application is to present a cross-platform user interface using a deployment
model which allows good control over the environment. It is, essentially, a
UI decision. To give up Python on the UI seems to be giving up the very core
of what it means to write a web app.

Please, somebody, tell me I'm wrong!

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