[python-advocacy] Obstacles to the adoption of Python

Stephan Deibel (PSF) sdeibel at python.org
Sat Mar 22 17:04:30 CET 2008

Rex Eastbourne wrote:
> I am new to this list. I am a longtime Python user and like it quite a 
> bit; I am interested in getting involved in advocacy.

Great!  Without getting into too much depth, I just want to encourage you.
There are lots of forms of advocacy, although I think the best include
(1) telling friends and colleagues about Python and showing them how it
solves a problem that's of interest to them, and (2) identifying something
you think blocks people from picking up Python and fixing it (as you sort
of already have).  The latter can of course require a lot of research,
a lot of persistence, and depends on getting into and working with whatever
community is already working on that (if any).  But it's fun and worth it.

Anyway, thanks for getting involved!

- Stephan

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