[python-advocacy] Python usage in big corporations and organisations

Günter Walser guenter.walser at wanagu.eu
Sat Feb 7 22:06:06 CET 2009

Hello to all,
I'm in the process of convincing a client to use Python as the base for a
Web based enterprise tool (not mission critical, but it should be used by
many parts of the organisation if everything goes fine).

He starts to see the advantages of Python to develop, but is very concerned
about the opinion the IT departments might have about Python.

To circumvent the "Only Java" or similar policies I'm thinking about Jython,
which is one apsect. 

But in my clients opinion it would be good to have a kind of "don't fear,
look all these huge and successful companies use Python" list at hand. 

Which might give support for the people wanting it but having to fight
opposition from IT-departments.

Is there anything like this available? I've found some (the one from
python.org, the wingware one (alsmost same)) but all of them miss the big
names which might help to impress some. Google is so far the only one big
and pythonistic I'm aware of.

Thanks for any hint or idea how to approach this problem. 

Best regards


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