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Hi Gunter,

I don't know of many places who *exclusively* use Python, but plenty of
people focus on it. The United States National Weather Service use it
heavily (see the GFE). As far as I can tell, Python is becoming increasingly
accepted as capable of "real" programming. In my opinion it has outstripped
Perl in this regard, but is still less-used than Perl for scripting-type

One thing which is great about Python is that its cross-platform support is
good. It is also in Mono/.Net. You might have an easier time convincing your
organisation to use .Net, whereupon you can have good interoperability
between multiple languages. I think it would be a hard sell for an "old
school" or out-of-touch IT department to rally behind Python. Technically,
Python can do the job, but I think it still doesn't carry the "safe option"
tag that Java, C++, or .Net might carry.

Rather than selling Python, you might be better off selling specific
application stacks or individual applications.

Python also has a lot of takeup in the scientific community.


On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 8:06 AM, Günter Walser <guenter.walser at wanagu.eu>wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I'm in the process of convincing a client to use Python as the base for a
> Web based enterprise tool (not mission critical, but it should be used by
> many parts of the organisation if everything goes fine).
> He starts to see the advantages of Python to develop, but is very concerned
> about the opinion the IT departments might have about Python.
> To circumvent the "Only Java" or similar policies I'm thinking about
> Jython,
> which is one apsect.
> But in my clients opinion it would be good to have a kind of "don't fear,
> look all these huge and successful companies use Python" list at hand.
> Which might give support for the people wanting it but having to fight
> opposition from IT-departments.
> Is there anything like this available? I've found some (the one from
> python.org, the wingware one (alsmost same)) but all of them miss the big
> names which might help to impress some. Google is so far the only one big
> and pythonistic I'm aware of.
> Thanks for any hint or idea how to approach this problem.
> Best regards
> Günter
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