[python-advocacy] (only some of the) Batteries Included

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Mon Feb 9 15:16:36 CET 2009

I realize this may not be practical for N different reasons, but it would
be great if the database modules (well, at least for MySQL and ODBC) were
included with the core python distribution.

There's lots of good reasons to do this, but let me limit this
conversation to one specific reason.  There's been a thread going on
between a bunch of developers inside the company I work for (EMC), about
using Java vs. Python for a project that involves a MySQL database. 
Here's a quote from the most recent message, from a guy who's just
recently become interested in Python (he's mostly C++/Java/Perl):

> The only downside to Python is the hassle we'll have with "Legal" over
> grabbing something off SourgeForce.

I suspect the situation in my company is not much different from most
other large companies.  Our legal department is OK with the idea of using
FOSS, but requires a legal review of everything before use (not that I can
blame them).  There is a very strong incentive to go with something that
Legal has already approved, rather than go through the red tape to get
something new approved.  If the DB stuff were part of the core
distribution, that would be one less barrier to adoption.

Like I said above, I'm aware that this may be totally impractical for many
reasons.  Still, from an advocacy point of view, it would be a win.

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