[python-advocacy] Python Facebook page and python.cn domain

Bjørn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Wed Feb 25 10:44:57 CET 2009


Some months ago I created a facebook page for Python, primarily because
there was no page for Python and I wanted to show that I am a fan of  
secondarily because I was curious how Facebook pages worked.


Today I was setting up another Facebook page, and when I stumbled  
across the
page on Facebook that lists the stats I was shocked to find that the  
page now has almost 3,000 fans!  I think it'll be wrong of me to sit  
on the
control of this page, so I would like to hand it over to you.

Anyways, for Exoweb, my company in China, the page would perhaps only  
for recruitment promotion (we're always looking for great software
developers that want to take the leap to China), but I think it would be
wrong to take undue advantage of the page for this.  Anyways, if you  
know of
any, send them to http://www.exoweb.net/en/jobs/ :)

PS! Exoweb also bought python.cn a long time ago, and we've been using  
it to
for the Python user groups and communities in China.  Would the PSF be
interested in taking over this domain as well?


Bjorn Stabell
Beijing, China
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