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Ray Allen rayallen153 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 13 11:59:07 CET 2009

> Our job here is that of pitchman, huckster, pimp even.  We have very little
> time to capture somebody's interest.  What we are talking about is a tease.
>  Quick, obvious, to the point.  If our audience has to stop and think to
> understand what they're reading, we've already lost.
> In other words, KISS.

Agreed.  I've taken out the counter and put in a link to SimplePrograms.

"""Example Python Program"""
import random
python = [
        "Easy to read",
        "Fast to code",
        "Quick to learn",
        "Modular and object oriented",
        "Open source and cross platform",
python.append("Widely adopted")
print "Python is ... "
for feature in python:
    print feature
print "See more examples of Python code at \
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