[AstroPy] Module suggestions?

ptak at snooker.phys.cmu.edu ptak at snooker.phys.cmu.edu
Tue Aug 24 12:48:58 EDT 1999

I would like to see a pure-Python FITS header keyword reading module.  The
last time I checked, PyFITS used some C code.  Some problems I am
interested in only require the values of some keywords (like the total
number of counts, often in TOTCTS), and full-fledged fits i/o is overkill.  

BTW, right now I am debugging a fairly large Python application that does
2-D fitting of images, optionally including a PSF (and it can generate
PSF images on the fly for ROSAT).  It is modeled after the X-ray spectral
tool XSPEC, particularly in the sense that it allows using the C statistic
for fitting of images with small numbers of counts/pixel.  I have played
around with fitting models to optical images (using chi^2 in that case).
Another interesting feature is that a mask image can be read in to exclude
parts of the images from the fitting, and model parameters can be tied to 
each other. It uses the Numeric and fftw modules, and a C++ fits image

Andy Ptak

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