[AstroPy] Module suggestions?

Tom Loredo loredo at spacenet.tn.cornell.edu
Tue Aug 24 14:04:06 EDT 1999

FYI: I'm working on some modules to do various Bayesian statistical
analyses, including analyses of photon counting spectra and arrival
time series.  The plan is to have some fairly generic capability to do
Bayesian things like marginalize over nuisance parameters, calculate
contour levels that bound credible regions, and calculate odds ratios,
using techniques ranging from Laplace approximations to adaptive
quadrature and Markov Chain Monte Carlo.  But it's mostly just ideas
now (it all exists in FORTRAN, but...), so I make no promises as to how
far it will go.  As I'm still a Python newbie, I don't expect to have
anything fit for public consumption for some months yet, but I thought
I'd let you know it's underway (barely!).

-Tom Loredo
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