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ptak at snooker.phys.cmu.edu ptak at snooker.phys.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 15 14:21:38 EDT 1999

If you want an statically-linked, extended Python that is capable of
reading and writing fits images, I have that, at least for Linux and
Solaris.  I have an application written mostly in Python that does surface
brightness fitting, with or without convolving with a PSF.  I am using a
C++ class library for reading/writing fits images (the C++ classes check
for exposure and astrometry keywords, at least the old-fashioned CDELT1,
etc. ones).  I am using fftw for the convolutions, and to get the swig
interfaces for fftw and my C++ classes to work with the Numerical
extensions I had to combine them into one statically-linked module.  If
you want a more general purpose library, see

Andy Ptak

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Scott M. Ransom wrote:

> Hello,
> I remember a few months ago some discussion on this list about various
> python FITS routines in development.
> I didn't pay much attention at the time since I didn't use FITS for any
> of my work.  But this has since changed!
> Does anyone have any FITS packages available?  I actually need one quite
> soon.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Scott
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