[AstroPy] minimal parfile editor

Andrew Ptak ptak at pha.jhu.edu
Wed Nov 28 15:17:32 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Hello everyone,
I wrote a fairly simple par file handling class.  It mainly just depends 
on a parameter class to store the values and a CSV library (single 
python file I downloaded from somewhere) to read the files.  I also 
threw together a simple gui for editing paramters using wxPython.  It is 
avaiable at
The only advanced parfile feature it handles is using the convention 
that if the min field has values seperated by "|", then it treats that 
parameter as a choice (which the gui implements as a menu).  Eventually 
I'll get around to playing around with the pyraf version of par file 
handling, especially if it gets seperated out.

Andy Ptak

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