[AstroPy] Integrating an image viewer?

Russell E Owen rowen at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 4 12:05:30 EST 2004

I have a cross-platform Python/Tkinter application (unix, MacOS X and 
Windows) that needs to display grayscale images and detect some user 
feedback (e.g. control-click).

I need to offer the user enough control that they can see what they 
need to see (e.g. some options for adjusting brightness and contrast, 
possibly limited zoom control).

I've been working with ds9. This is a nice image viewer that offers 
all the control users might want (though it's a bit heavyweight for 
this job). Unfortunately, it's an uphill struggle to tightly 
integrate it:
- ds9 has limited ability to transmit data. As far as I can tell, one 
can pipe data to a newly launched app (slow and clumsy and may not 
work on Windows) or send a URL with form data (meaning my app has to 
run a web server, or we can run a central web server but then 
authentication is challenging)
- there are other, less important issues involving getting data into it

I've considered using saoTk, ds9's underlying image viewer, so the 
image windows can be fully integated into my application. 
Unfortunately, installation is really messy. For example saoTk uses 
its own customized version of Tk!

So...before I get too deeply into this quagmire, I was wondering if 
folks had any suggestions? Something fairly sane to install and 
preferably that doesn't require writing an image viewer from scratch.


-- Russell
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