[AstroPy] PyRAF and PyFITS code repositories moved to astropy.scipy.org

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Aug 16 17:48:27 EDT 2005

We have moved our code repositories for PyRAF and PyFITS to  

This means that anyone will be able to obtain the current state of  
either project should they need any enhancement or bug fix before it  
appears in a release (or if they just feed adventurous).

We have also started using the Trac issue tracking and project  
management software at scipy.org to record bugs and enhancement  
requests so that any user can view existing bug and enhancement reports  
for these projects. The urls for these pages are at:


The view and new Tickets tabs are for looking at and submitting new bug  
reports or enhancement requests (one can still use help at stsci.edu to do  
that as well).

Details for those interested in retrieving the current version or  
previous versions

The code versioning software being used is Subversion instead of CVS.  
Subversion uses the following urls for the two projects:


Notice that subversion trees typically have three components at the top:

trunk: The current main line of development
branches: Where any branches from the main line reside
tags: Where one can look at specific tagged versions

If you want to see what is in PyRAF 1.0, you would go to the tags/v1_0  

If you want to check out from subversion, you will need a subversion  
client installed on your computer (go to http://subversion.tigris.org/  
to download the appropriate client)

Rather than give details of how to use subversion, I'll refer to the  
on-line book:


There is one specific suggestion of something to avoid. Unless you like  
to wait a long time, don't, repeat don't, check out from the top level  
of the subversion directory. If you do, you will get completely filled  
directory trees for every tagged version and branch for the repository.  
Usually you will want to check out either the trunk, a specific branch,  
or specific tag. This appears to be a common beginner error. Just to be  
specific, to check out the pyraf trunk:

svn co http://astropy.scipy.org/svn/pyraf/trunk

or better yet, to check it out into a directory named pyraf (without  
the trunk in the name)

svn co http://astropy.scipy.org/svn/pyraf/trunk pyraf

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