[AstroPy] [SciPy-dev] interactive data analysis tutorial migrated to scipy.org

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Sat Feb 11 12:23:22 EST 2006

On Feb 11, 2006, at 11:34 AM, Paul Barrett wrote:

> So how much longer before PyFITS is ready for numpy?
Not long I hope. It's working for images, and the tables capability is 
coming on line. I'm hoping most of the work from this point on is 
fairly straightforward. I hate to try to give a specific time, but 
weeks rather than months now (I hope).

For some time we'll have to support both numarray and numpy. We were 
hoping that some sort of matplotlib/numerix approach could be used, but 
indications are that it will more likely just be two different source 
modules (where which one loads depends on your preference, it will 
still be called pyfits).

> Might this also be a good time to separate the convenience functions 
> (i.e. getheader, getdata, etc.) of PyFITS into a new module?
Possibly. There's been a little discussion about this. This is a good 
time to raise the  issue so if people have suggestions, we're 


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