[AstroPy] Cosmology routines

Erin Sheldon erin.sheldon at gmail.com
Thu May 17 15:56:18 EDT 2007

Hi Everyone -

I put together a module with a bunch of routines for cosmological
distance measurements. It basically implements the formulas in Hogg
astro-ph/9905116.  It uses Numpy/Scipy and a gauss-legendre
integrator.  You can get it here:


Let me know if you find bugs, if it is useful, if there is already a
better package out there, etc.

I'm also going to start implementing various useful things from the
Goddard IDL libraries as they become needed in my work.

I saw there is a projects.scipy page with four projects listed.
Perhaps these codes could be placed there, but I'm not sure how
accessed is gained.


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