[AstroPy] pywcsgrid : python module to draw and label a curvilinear coordinate grid.

Jae-Joon Lee lee.j.joon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 16:33:55 EDT 2008

Hi all,

This is to introduce a python module "pywcsgrid", with which you can
draw and label a curvilinear coordinate grid (using fits header
information). It gives you grid lines as numpy arrays (and also tick
locations and labels), therefore you may use any plotting package you
want (I personally use matplotlib).

This module is developed for my personal use (so the code quality is
low) and should be regarded as beta version. But I hope others find
this useful.

I have put some more information in the following page with some example plots.


The module is actually a wrapper around PGSBOX library in WCSLIB.
While the original PGSBOX uses the pgplot library for plotting,
pywcsgrid links PGSBOX with a custom version of pgplot. For example,
when PGSBOX calls pgline for grid drawing, pgline in the custom pgplot
is called which stores line positions as numpy array.
The module depends on "pywcs".

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.


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