[AstroPy] numarray pdf 1.5 is broken. Using numdisplay, Python, PIL, and Tkinter

Cohen-Tanugi Johann cohen at lpta.in2p3.fr
Mon Apr 6 14:46:45 EDT 2009

the main thing missing when using matplotlib is the correct use of 
astronomical coordinate information, and that is a pretty big plus of ds9.

Phil Hodge wrote:
>> The question is whether ds9 is a module that can be used within a Python 
>> program? I really do not know, but indications are that it is not.
> ds9 is not a Python module, it's a stand-alone program that you run from 
> Unix.  However, there is an interface for displaying images to it, and 
> the Python module numdisplay uses that interface.  The advantage of ds9 
> is that it is so powerful.  imshow in matplotlib is pretty good, though, 
> and you may want to use matplotlib anyway for plotting.
> Phil
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