[AstroPy] numarray pdf 1.5 is broken. Using numdisplay, Python, PIL, and Tkinter

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Tue Apr 7 12:40:12 EDT 2009

> I actually heard of DS9 about 3 weeks ago when my ccdsoft (Bisque 
> product) that deals with fits as its normal format died. I needed to 
> look at some files in fits, and someone recommended DS9. I think there's 
> a web interactive version of it. I finally wrestled ccdsoft back into 
> operability, and found a simpler way to deal with a fits file in the 
> interim. I have lots of balls in the air.
> Cheers.

It is trivial to view FITS files with DS9, either with numdisplay
in Python or just from the "File->Open" menu. DS9 is what most people
who work with FITS files use, hence the recommendations. There are
also other ways of talking to DS9 from your program (using its XPA
command line utilities or the CDL C library from IRAF) if you need
more sophisticated communication.

There is also Ximtool, which is much the same but with a different
GUI if you prefer that (I do).



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