[AstroPy] Coding in Python to Read/Write a fits file.

Megan Sosey sosey at stsci.edu
Wed Apr 8 11:18:03 EDT 2009

Hi Wayne,

One caveat I forgot to mention, the script
I sent you will transform the JPG (or gif or whatever)
image into FITS images, which you can then look
at in ds9 if you like, however, the data numbers are
not something appropriate to do further analysis with,
they are just the RGB scalings. So if you want to take the
FITS images and do more science analysis on them, you'll
have to rescale the data to something appropriate.


Megan Sosey wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> something like this work for me, perhaps it will help
> get you closer to what you want. I attached the sample
> image I used.
> cheers,
> Megan

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