[AstroPy] Installing numdisplay--A Problem (Windows)

Christopher Hanley chanley at stsci.edu
Fri Apr 10 21:12:07 EDT 2009

Hey! We at STScI are always working! ;-)

I'm not certain how numdisplay could have been installed in a directory 
not on your Python path.  However, there are two things you can easily 
do to make this work for you.  Either add numdisplay's current location 
to you python path or copy the numdisplay folder to the same location as 
your other packages (i.e. numpy, PIL, etc...).

I hope this helps,


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Wayne Watson wrote:
> (I would normally pursue this on another thread I was working with 
> STSci, but this problem occurred late this afternoon here on the west 
> coast. I think STSci folks disappeared by then, but, as it turns out, my 
> weekend is open. However, if I cannot get this squared away, I can 
> easily return to other related matters that are not impacted by numdisplay.)
> There was a mix-up earlier today when I tried to install numdisplay. The 
> web had an old version, 14. That was corrected and 1.5.4 is now 
> available. After downloading 1.5.4 and untarring it. I then drilled down to
>  C:\Downloads_Programs\Python\numdisplay-1.5.4\numdisplay,
> which has the build and lib folders along with setup.py, 
> stcsci-dist...back.py, and stsci-dist...back.pyc.
> I then entered setup.py install. All seems to have gone well. However, 
> when I enter import numdisplay in IDLE's >>> prompt, it objected with 
> "no module named numdisplay". I then tried from the Python command 
> prompt line (looks like a DOS prompt window) and got the same response.
> Next I tried IDLE's Path Browser, and looked under 
> C:\Python25\lib\site-packages. numdisplay was not listed, but numpy, 
> PIL, pyfits, etc. were listed. Next, drilling down to 
> C:\Python25\Lib\python2.5\site-packages, numdisplay was found. This 
> looks like the wrong place for it. Note the injection of python2.5 in 
> the path.
> I'm not quite sure what's wrong here. Maybe it's right and I need to try 
> another way.
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