[AstroPy] Installing numdisplay--A Problem (Windows)

Christopher Hanley chanley at stsci.edu
Fri Apr 10 21:49:41 EDT 2009

If the *.fit file has the same structure as your .fits file then you are 

You need to have DS9 running prior to using numdisplay.  That is the 
program it is looking for.  If you don't have DS9 already installed you 
can get a Windows installation from this site:



Wayne Watson wrote:
> Hi, that's pretty humorous. I posted the msg, and mentioned that I had 
> some time to fill, so let's watch a movie. She was too tired, so I came 
> in here to find your msg. 7/7/24 for STSci!
> There's nothing like a clean simple solution. It worked.
> Now I have a slightly different problem. First, let me ask if there's a 
> difference between a fit and fits file? I use a commercial program (Win, 
> CCDSoft from The Bisque) for imaging that produces FIT files. I'm quite 
> sure they have the same structure as FITS. I just want to make sure 
> that's not a problem. Here's what's happening.
> I've imported numpy, fits, and numdisplay. I'm using the shell prompt 
> for Windows Python. I enter:
>  >>> im=pyfits.getdata('minor_pl51.fit')
> That seems to work. Just a >>> response. Now I enter:
>  >>> numdisplay.display(im)
> and get
>     Traceback (most recent call last):
>       File "<pyshell#11>", line 1, in <module>
>         numdisplay.display(im)
>       File
>     "C:\Python25\lib\python2.5\site-packages\numdisplay\__init__.py",
>     line 371, in display
>       File
>     "C:\Python25\lib\python2.5\site-packages\numdisplay\__init__.py",
>     line 180, in open
>       File
>     "C:\Python25\lib\python2.5\site-packages\numdisplay\displaydev.py",
>     line 670, in open
>       File
>     "C:\Python25\lib\python2.5\site-packages\numdisplay\displaydev.py",
>     line 195, in _open
>     IOError: Cannot attach to display program. Verify that one is running...
> What program? I don't think I'm running any.
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