[AstroPy] Installing numdisplay--A Problem (Windows)

Joe Harrington jh at physics.ucf.edu
Fri Apr 10 23:38:35 EDT 2009

> ... numdisplay...

Be aware that Russell Owen's RO package contains a DS9 interface that
is better than numdisplay in many respects.  You can have many people
on one machine each communicating with their own DS9 without special
fifo setup, and the data are not interpolated in the image display,
among other improvements.  I am not aware of any disimprovements, but
I've not dived too deeply into it.


>From the docs...

Here is a basic summary for use:
    import RO.DS9
    import numpy
    ds9Win = RO.DS9.DS9Win()
    # show a FITS file in frame 1
    ds9Win. showFITSFile("foo/test.fits")
    # show an array in frame 2
    ds9Win.xpaset("frame 2")
    myArray = numpy.arange(10000).reshape([100,100])


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