[AstroPy] Moving Ahead with Raw Image Conversion

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 13 11:49:29 EDT 2009

Wayne Watson wrote:
> I've pretty much gotten my 640x480 1 byte, "raw" image under control 
> within Python Image and Python file use. I wrote a file of 307200 bytes 
> in bytes, byte representation of characters. I couldn't see anything 
> within pyfits or numpy that would help me do that. Now I believe I'm in 
> a position to use pyfits to create a fits format file. The next step is 
> to arrange the image (data) into a 640x480 array. I can do that in 
> python, but would like to know how it can be done in numpy, for the 
> experience. The IDA tutorial talks to making arrays, but I do not see 
> where they work with creating an array with fresh data. Once that's 
> done, then I should be able to work out from a reading of page 10 in the 
> pyfits manual.
Hello Wayne,

Could you post a sample script illustrating exactly what you want to do 
along with some sample output showing how it is failing to do so?

Are you familiar with the numpy.ndarray.reshape() procedure?

-- jv

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