[AstroPy] 3-D Graphics Tools for for Documentation, Presentations, etc.

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 21 08:24:27 EDT 2009

This looks quite good. Too bad there isn't a pdf. I only see html for 
docs. OK, I see the intro, 8 pages, is a pdf, but not included with the 
download vPython.  Is there a quick way to draw simple lines? From what 
I see so far in the tutorials, most of them are aimed at drawing 3-d 
objects like balls and boxes. It seems as though everything is installed 
under .../site-packages/visual.

Is there a mail list?

Andrew Williams wrote:
> Wayne Watson wrote:
>> Many years ago to put together a presentation or article on celestial 
>> mechanics, spherical trig, trajectory analysis, etc. I would use a 
>> compass, ruler, and maybe a French curve to draw the figures, 
>> coordinate axes, etc. on paper. Labels would be typed onto the 
>> sheets. I would like to think that over the last decade that some 
>> modest software package might be available to do this. Does anyone 
>> know of any?
> VPython:
> http://www.vpython.org/
> Andrew

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