[AstroPy] 3-D Graphics Tools for for Documentation, Presentations, etc.

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 21 13:00:44 EDT 2009

Hiding in plain sight. I've noticed a definite lack of uniformity in 
subscribing to mail lists.  I've joined several in the last few weeks. 
Cygwin was the best well-hidden of the bunch. In fact, it seems as 
though Cygwin distribution  is hidden in a maze of  potentially 
conflicting (vendors?) interests.

           Wayne Watson (Watson Adventures, Prop., Nevada City, CA)

             (121.015 Deg. W, 39.262 Deg. N) GMT-8 hr std. time)
              Obz Site:  39° 15' 7" N, 121° 2' 32" W, 2700 feet  

           All the neutrons, and protons in the human body occupy
           a cube whose side is 5.52*10**-6 meters (tiny!). That
           adds up to a 150 pound person. It's not a surprise that
           we are mostly space. (Calculation by WTW)

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