[AstroPy] Summer scholar

Stefano Covino stefano.covino at brera.inaf.it
Mon Aug 2 03:37:09 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

actually, I feel a bit out of place since my programming skills are definitely limited compared to most, in not all, people writing to this list. Actually, I have so far mainly developed a set of tools which I have shared with my research team and my only goal was to make easier operations which could be performed in many other ways (http://www.merate.mi.astro.it/utenti/covino/usermanual.html).

Actually, one of the problems I have to solve more often, is to efficiently match objects (entries) in different tables, usually tables retrieved from databases and so on. Time ago I had to develop a tool to derive the roto-translation solution for a set of different scientific frames with reference to a chosen image, and I applied a triangle match algorithm. It works very well, although I develop it following a sort of "quick and dirty" strategy. I think that the idea to develop and eventually distribute a pure python library able to match tables with or without hierarchical parameters (i.e. magnitude, flux, etc.) could be a good project for a set of still unexperienced programmers. Something, indeed, probably useful by itself.


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