[AstroPy] Does anyone here use The Software Bisque Orchestrate Program?

Wolfgang Kerzendorf wkerzendorf at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 8 22:26:11 EDT 2010

  Dear Wayne,

Let me stop this right here, before this turns into a flaming war. 
Obviously we don't know how long you took searching, it just appeared 
(also from previous questions) that you might very quickly decide to 
write to the list before doing a proper investigation.

Regarding the question in the title, it is often more helpful if you 
give a very brief overview(like 3-4 words) in the subject and much more 
detail in the main body. for example: operating system, precise problem 
description, aim for the solution, ... . Without this information the 
people on the list become frustrated as it is not a question they can 
answer and they don't (and can't) see the point.

Most of us on this list are also professional astronomers, meaning that 
we often don't know companies like bisque. I'm sure they produce quality 
astronomical software but probably not that useful for our problems. So 
if you want help on those problems, I suggest giving us much more info 
on those. Remember that what is well known in the amateur circles might 
not be at all known in professional circles.

This email is not meant to discourage you to post questions to this 
list, but to encourage you to change your style.


On 9/08/10 11:56 AM, Wayne Watson wrote:
> If you don't recognize what's in the title, why read it? I consider it a
> filter. You make a huge assumption that is incorrect. That is I haven't
> searched for the answer elsewhere.
> On 8/8/2010 5:28 PM, Tommy Grav wrote:
>> On Aug 8, 2010, at 8:21 PM, Wayne Watson wrote:
>>> Well, I think you are wrong about my post, but you do not know the
>>> reason why. The reason is this. First, The Bisque writes very
>>> professional astronomy software for their products, one of which is a
>>> hig quality GEM robotic mount. Further, Orchestrate is able to utilize
>>> programs written in Visual Basic Script, JavaScript, Perl and other high
>>> level languages. If I'm not mistaken it does this in first three
>>> languages by the user providing a "compiled" version to Orchestrate.
>>> Using, say, VB, one is able to write "auxillary" programs with a GUI as
>>> an aid to operation.
>>> So my follow up question is will Python work with it Python? Python can
>>> produce exe files, as I understand it but neither the Bisque or I know
>>> if they work. My questions stand until the moderator says otherwise.
>> How about actually stating you question properly in the original email,
>> rather than an email without even a proper body, just a question in the
>> header. Originally the question was has anyone used this software, now it is
>> has anyone got python to work with it. Those are two very different
>> questions. The first is hardly on topic, the second is semi-on topic
>> for this list.
>> Also take the time to do some investigating on your own, and spend more than
>> 30 seconds writing exactly what you are trying to find out. An email
>> with a question in the header does not give incentive for anyone to spend
>> their own precious time helping you out. If you have not noticed, your style
>> over the few days have started rubbing people around the python mailing lists
>> the wrong way, so a softer style might give you more help.
>> Tommy
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