[AstroPy] Python interface to TPM

Prasanth oneaufs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 05:06:46 EDT 2010


I have written a python interface to Jeff Percival's TPM library, using SWIG.

See http://phn.github.com/pytpm/ for more details.

There are some "doctests" in the file lib/utils.py. At this moment two
of these fails. I was expecting to get a certain result from a couple
of functions, but they don't give the answer I expect. The functions
are utils.rdb2j() and rdb2jd(). I guess the reason is that I don't
understand the "rdb" time, as defined in the TPM source files
rdb2ymd.c and ymd2rdb.c. Help on this will be great.

Prasanth Nair

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