[AstroPy] Capturing pyfits warnings

jtaylor2 at stsci.edu jtaylor2 at stsci.edu
Tue Sep 14 15:00:23 EDT 2010


    Jim's suggestion should work as long as what is being generated is an exception and not a warning.  If a warning is being generated through the warnings module, you will need to have the warning module generate an exception instead of a warning message.  The PyFITS user manual gives an example of ignoring a warning message, but the same template applies to raising an exception.  Just replace the word 'ignore' in the samples with the word 'error'.

    So when starting a python session use:

    python -W"error"

    Or when running a script:

    python -W"error" myscript.py

    Or within your script:

    import warnings
    import pyfits

    warnings.filterwarnings('error', category=UserWarning, append=True)
    # do your thing.

   Then using Jim's try/except block should get these warnings as well.

     Jim T.


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