[AstroPy] wregister won't work under python/pyraf

Chris Sontag sontag at stsci.edu
Thu Sep 23 09:42:12 EDT 2010

  Hi Ralf,

This looks a lot like you are running PyRAF without a login.cl being invoked (where the uparm variable is normally defined) - could this be the case?

Hope this helps,

On 9/22/10 10:12 PM, Ralf Kotulla wrote:
> pytools.irafglobals.IrafError: Undefined variable `uparm' in string `uparm$imlsectis.par'
> I also tried to unlearn wregister just in case some queer parameter was causing this, but no change...
> Any idea what might be causing this or how to fix / work around this?
> Best wishes and thanks a lot in advance
> Ralf
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