[AstroPy] [pywcs] Unit question

Ole Streicher astropy at liska.ath.cx
Tue Apr 5 06:18:22 EDT 2011

Am 05.04.2011 09:33, schrieb Nico Nell:
> This can be done easily with astLib (http://astlib.sourceforge.net/).
> See function clipImageSectionWCS
> (http://astlib.sourceforge.net/docs/astLib/astLib.astImages-module.html#clipImageSectionWCS).
> Here is an example that I used to make clips from big GALEX fits files
> (http://casa.colorado.edu/~nell/cgit/cgit.cgi/pyscripts/tree/plotting/galex-clips.py)
> Hopefully this makes things easier for you!

Thank you, Nico.

However, I started now using pywcs, and I would probably stick to that
unless I cannot use the problem with it.

I am still quite confused why there are parallel packages doing mainly
the same thing: astLib and astrolib are quite for the same purpose, and
having both f.e. a wcslib wrapper. In my opinion, this parallel
development seems to me quite unnecessary and delays cooperation since
everyone historically uses his own preferred library. For different
programming languages, I could understand this, but I dont see a real
reason to have different pywcs modules.

Are there any attempts to unify the different approaches for
astro(python|lib)? What is the common opinion about the fragmentation



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