[AstroPy] Aperture photometry

Rene Breton superluminique at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 15:22:08 EDT 2011

Hi Sergio,

I'm currently working on porting the IDL astrolib aperture photometry 
routines to python (which you can find in pyastrolib). I'm not done with 
them yet. Hopefully it should be done soon as I have some data reduction 
to perform. I can let you know if you're interested.

If you want something more basic for now, have a look at the attached 
python script. It does the aperture photometry but doesn't handle 
subpixel contributions. If the radius of your aperture isn't too small 
it shouldn't be too far off a more careful reduction. I haven't made the 
script to handle multiple source positions/apertures but this could 
easily be fixed.



On 11-04-14 01:18 PM, Sergio Pascual wrote:
> Hi
> Let's say I have an image as a  numpy array and I want to obtain the
> summed values of the array inside an ellipse inside the image. In
> other words, I wanto to make aperture photometry. Do you know of any
> python astronomy package that implements this. It's a fairly basic
> think, but I haven't found anything.
> Regards
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