[AstroPy] Aperture photometry

Stefano Covino stefano.covino at brera.inaf.it
Fri Apr 15 00:56:49 EDT 2011

Dear Sergio, apparently the world is full of python aperture  
photometry routines!

Although, in most cases, people did not manage (yet) to make them  
really available. And indeed do did I. I wrote a set of "not- 
organized" python scripts to deal with typical practical problems in  
our research group (http://www.merate.mi.astro.it/utenti/covino/usermanual.html 
). Among these scripts there is also an aperture photometry routine  
which considers the fraction of pixels contribution evaluated  
integrating a curve within the limit of the pixel (yes, it is  
slow...). Indeed the goal of the set of script dealing with photometry  
is to provide a tool to compute magnitudes for a set of stars with  
many frames of the same field not perfectly aligned. The script finds  
common triangles between the reference frames and each one in input,  
finds a rototraslation (or a subset of it) to get the position of your  
stars in the new frame, and then derive a full light-curve.
However, it seems to me that a lot of people provided you with  
reliable solutions. In the unlikely case, please feel free to grab  
everything you need from my code, although documentation is... let's  
say, under development.

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