[AstroPy] Coding Guidelines draft (comments encouraged)

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:25:45 EDT 2011

> It's good to see these guidelines benefiting from everyone's experience
> -- my only comment would be to encourage good examples for those of us
> who are still a bit unsure exactly what super does and why :-).
> (I know it won't matter for simple cases that we're most likely to use.)
> BTW, I notice that the Python docs say super only works for new-style
> classes, so perhaps our guidelines should require those (I don't think
> they are part of PEP 8)?

Good point - technically it's already in there because we're requiring
Python 3.x compatibility, and in 3.x all classes behave like new-style
classes... but that's a potential source of confusion because the 2to3
tool doesn't complain if you use an old-style class (which implicitly
means it gets converted to new-style).   So I'll add a statement that
only new-style classes are to be used.

Erik Tollerud

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