[AstroPy] ATpy questions

Jean-Baptiste Marquette marquett at iap.fr
Tue Aug 23 12:27:43 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I have 3 questions about the use of ATpy:
How to add a leading "#" to the header of the Table? It is possible to read tables with a header like "#  erosid      Ra         Dec      MagR", but writing such a table removes the "#".
How to replace in a table an entire column by the content of a single-column asciitable ?

Coding like:

Data = atpy.Table(Catalog, type='ascii', numpy=False)
DataDistort = Data
RA, DEC = asciitable.read(RAdec, delimiter='\n', Reader=asciitable.NoHeader, numpy=False), asciitable.read(DECdec, delimiter='\n', Reader=asciitable.NoHeader, numpy=False)
DataDistort.Ra = RA[0]
DataDistort.Dec = DEC[0]

put the first value of RA/DEC on all the rows of DataDistort.Ra/Dec.

How to change the format of a column? I didn't find anything to force the writing of trailing zeros.

Thanks for your help,

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