[AstroPy] POLL: vision for a common Astronomy package

Sergio Pascual sergiopr at fis.ucm.es
Wed Jul 6 10:18:58 EDT 2011

Hi all

Regarding the current SOFA discussion, I wouldn't agree in having a
package that is not free and thus cannot be included precompiled in
most linux distributions. I have sent a mail to the Fedora legal
mailing list asking if software with this license is suitable to be
included in Fedora. Perhaps we can ask other institutions, such as the
Free Software Foundation or the Open Source Initiative
(http://www.opensource.org/) in order to end our doubts.

Regards, Sergio

Sergio Pascual                        http://guaix.fis.ucm.es/~spr
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Departamento de Astrofísica -- Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

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