[AstroPy] POLL: vision for a common Astronomy package

Prasanth oneaufs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 12:35:28 EDT 2011


> I draw your attention to paragraph 4 of http://www.iausofa.org/tandc.**
> html <http://www.iausofa.org/tandc.html> :
> 4. In any published work or commercial products which includes results
> achieved by using the SOFA software, you shall acknowledge that the SOFA
> software was used in obtaining those results.
> Isn't this similar to the conditions for using software such as IRAF and
data sources such as 2MASS? I am not saying that SOFA should become part of
astropy and this is not an assertion but is a question. Perhaps, in the
former cases users are not required to do this?

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