[AstroPy] AstroPy BoF meeting at SciPy

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Fri Jul 8 16:50:34 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

The results of the SciPy BoF poll were evenly split between Tues,
Wed & Thurs evenings as the preferred time. Given the organizers'
plans and Perry's availability, I have asked for a slot on
**Thursday evening**. It looks like one person who voted can't make
that time, so please do feel free to grab the rest of us for a chat
before then.


I don't have any rigid agenda in mind for this; it was clear from
previous discussion that people wanted to meet at SciPy, so I have
just set up a time that everyone knows about. Following on from the
AstroPy vision noted down by the co-ordinators, we might have some
more detailed discussion on how to organize collaboration, who is
willing to contribute what, ideas for the proposed meeting later
this year, consensus views on some of the questions that have come
up in the last week etc. I think it would be good if people could
also very briefly (in a couple of minutes) summarize what they're
working on. I'll think about priorities some more on the way.

Whether or not you will be at SciPy, if you have specific topics you
think it would be useful to discuss and provide input to the AstroPy
co-ordinators on, feel free to reply to this and propose something.
Tom and Erik, I believe you won't be there, so let us know if
there's something you'd like input on. Of course we'll probably only
have an hour or perhaps two so we can't solve all the problems of
the Universe or do anything very concrete just yet (unless anyone
wants to use sprint time on Fri-Sat for that).



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