[AstroPy] Documentation Guidelines

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 02:21:28 EDT 2011

As mentioned in the previous messages, I have added a wikispaces page
on the topic of documentation guidelines:


that page is obviously light on details, primarily because we (the
coordinating committee) want to solicit suggestions and opinions from
the list as to the best way to format docstrings.  This is the main
item that must be determined ASAP, because we expect people will be
writing docstrings as they start working on their code, and it's much
easier to agree on the docstring syntax beforehand than it is to go
back and fix it later.  The exact layout/style of the documentation is
probably less important right now, although I'm happy to entertain
discussion on that topic, as well.

As we see it, the main goals for the function and class docstrings are
1) readability in plain-text 2) clean-looking APIs when added to
sphinx documentation.  Any suggestions for preferred formats?

Erik Tollerud

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