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RayS rays at blue-cove.com
Mon Jul 11 12:23:51 EDT 2011

At 08:05 PM 7/8/2011, Matt Davis wrote:

>A new option for non-academic users to get the analytic Python 
>basics. This will probably be useful 

I bought and use the $200 EPD distribution for its MKL linkage; numpy 
is linked to the Intel MKL and made accessible via an attribute:
numpy.use_fastnumpy = True
import mkl
For instance, the numpy MKl fft is 4x faster with N=2**11 and >6x 
with N>2**13 on a Core 2. All non-numpy MKL functions are also 
available via ctypes.
The free version does not have the MKL linkage.

I do find it odd and a little sad that a number of Python web sites 
still use PHP...

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