[AstroPy] Coding Guidelines draft (comments encouraged)

Marshall Perrin mperrin at stsci.edu
Mon Jul 11 12:52:06 EDT 2011

On Jul 11, 2011, at 1:10 AM, Joe Harrington wrote:

>> http://astropy.wikispaces.com/Astropy+Coding+Guidelines
> I would strongly encourage:
> 1. Use the numpy docstring format.  We spent a *lot* of time designing
>   this format and getting community feedback to ensure that projects
>   like this one can use it, in addition to the core numpy doc
>   project.

Strongly seconded. This is a case where we really don't need to reinvent the wheel. I've used the numpy docstring format in all my own projects for some time now, and I've found it very straightforward to work with and the support for inline math and images and code execution allows for really top-quality web page outputs with minimal effort. 

Given all the competing demands for everyone's limited brain cells these days, I'd really rather not have to learn/memorize a new and incompatible docstring standard, unless someone can articulate a compelling reasons why the numpy/scipy docstring format is inadequate for our needs. 

 - Marshall

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