[AstroPy] proposal for astropy version control software and respository

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Fri Jul 15 14:47:49 EDT 2011

Given discussions at scipy (consisting primarily of a good number of  
people from STScI, CFA/Chandra, and Gemini) it seemed clear to most of  
us there that the most straightforward choice for the astropy version  
control software and repository was git and github. This is what most  
of the science-based Python projects are using and they generally seem  
quite happy with it. Since we are encouraging distributed  
contributions, it also would seem we should favor a distributed vcs  
over a non-distributed one (i.e., svn). So we (Erik, Tom and me) are  
proposing that we simply put this particular choice to a yes/no vote.  
Here is a link to the poll:


Should there be a significant level of objection to this, we'll look  
at seeing if there is a stronger consensus for something else.


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