[AstroPy] Voting procedures

Marshall Perrin mperrin at stsci.edu
Sat Jul 16 11:10:14 EDT 2011

On Jul 15, 2011, at 8:54 PM, Erik Tollerud wrote:
Vicki Laidler wrote:
I'd also like to note that in the discussion of the previous "simple
yes/no poll", several people raised objections that this was too coarse
a metric and that there is value in being able to signify "yes but" or
"don't care" & so on. I'd like to second those objections and request
that the Coordinating Committee formulate polls that allow more nuance.

This is a very good point - I had been thinking we should do this for
future documents, but it didn't occur to me that it's equally relevant
for this poll... In the future, would "Yes", "Yes, but with
reservations", and "No" be an acceptable set of options, or would you
prefer something more fine-grained than that?

I'd like to second Vicki's request for a 'Don't care' option. In the current case at hand, for instance, I have no strong preference in version control systems...

 - Marshall

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