[AstroPy] proposal for astropy version control software and respository

Phil Hodge hodge at stsci.edu
Mon Jul 18 08:56:55 EDT 2011

On 07/16/2011 09:20 AM, Thomas Robitaille wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> I understand your concerns that this might seem premature - just to
> explain our motives behind a yes/no poll at this stage: we got the
> impression from previous discussions on this list and from the
> discussions and success stories at scipy that this was something that
> most people would either agree with, or not have a strong opinion
> about. We can have had a lengthy debate about the detailed advantages
> of git vs hg vs svn vs other if needed, but we wanted to see whether
> that debate could be avoided in the first place if most people agreed
> anyway, hence the early poll (think of it as testing the waters). But
> we do want people to voice concerns or questions if you have any!  ...

Testing the waters?  If 10 people vote (only 10), and all vote for 
git/github, would that be interpreted as meaning our toes are wet, or we 
all (not just the ones who voted) jumped in head first?


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