[AstroPy] proposal for astropy version control software and respository

Matt Davis mrdavis at stsci.edu
Mon Jul 18 12:04:14 EDT 2011

> I think it does not cause an unholy mess when everybody involved is a 
> true believer.  The failure mode I want to avoid is where git-advocates 
> have no trouble working with the system, but the git-inexperienced 
> cannot use it effectively.

The groups "git-advocates" and "git-inexperienced" are not exclusive. I don't have experience with git/github but based on its popularity with similar projects and the numpy/ipython documentation I've read it seems like an excellent solution. Since we'd likely adopt something not super different from  the numpy/ipython work flows their documentation is a great place to get started learning about git/github.


- Matt
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