[AstroPy] proposal for astropy version control software and respository

Victoria G. Laidler laidler at stsci.edu
Mon Jul 18 14:37:22 EDT 2011

>> For those of us who are not very familiar with git and github, can someone
>> suggest a source for additional information?
Thanks to all who posted with links to further information. Very helpful.

>> I'd also like to note that in the discussion of the previous "simple
>> yes/no poll", several people raised objections that this was too coarse
>> a metric and that there is value in being able to signify "yes but" or
>> "don't care" & so on. I'd like to second those objections and request
>> that the Coordinating Committee formulate polls that allow more nuance.
> This is a very good point - I had been thinking we should do this for
> future documents, but it didn't occur to me that it's equally relevant
> for this poll... In the future, would "Yes", "Yes, but with
> reservations", and "No" be an acceptable set of options, or would you
> prefer something more fine-grained than that?
I'd certainly add "Don't care".

I considered "No, but I might be convinced", but I think that belongs in 
the email list rather than in the poll.

I might add "Abstain/protest", that one could use if one feels it is too 
soon to vote, or the poll is malformed, or so forth. This would be a way 
to say "I oppose _this_ specific poll" without indicating "I'm in 
disagreement on the underlying issue."

One problem with this poll that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that it 
conflates use of git as the VCS with use of github as the hosting site. 
These are in principle independent. The hosting site is not just a place 
to stash the repository; it also provides related tools that are 
critical to planning & managing workflow, like tickets/issues, 
history/timeline, nice tools to view diff, history, & so on.

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