[AstroPy] AstroPy Coordination Meeting this fall

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 18:38:03 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

Following the poll on a coordination meeting this fall, it looks like
the CfA is convenient for the most people, so Tom Aldcroft and myself
have been looking into when/how we could organize this. We are
envisaging a two-day AstroPy development coordination meeting for
AstroPy (not a general Python in Astronomy meeting, which could happen
as a AAS splinter for example). We've come up with a couple of dates
that would be best in terms of logistics, namely September 8-9th and
October 12-13th.

Note that this would be more of an informal meeting than a conference
(no 'official' catering for example). We're planning on booking a
meeting room big enough for 30-40 people with a projector, tables, and
(of course) internet. We will also try and make sure that we can hold
meetings in smaller sub-groups for coordination relating to specific
components on one of the days.

We've created a poll at the following URL where you can indicate your
name and preferences:


If neither of the dates work, please indicate it so we can discuss this further!



ps: In case this is relevant to some of you, the AAS HEAD meeting is
7-10th September in Rhode Island, which would conflict with the first
set of dates.

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