[AstroPy] AstroPy Coordination Meeting this fall

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Fri Jul 29 20:20:14 EDT 2011

Hi Thomas,

(Sorry for the delay -- our telescope has had problems this week).

Two days would be quite a short time to fly all the way from Chile
for. It might make more sense to try to connect remotely if that's
the plan. Were you planning on setting up video links?

I had been hoping we'd get together and get people contributing to
the repository on the spot, but maybe that's optimistic.

Personally, if I do come out, October would be easier as I have to
renew my US visa around Sept, but that's just me (will comment on
the poll once we figure out about the remote connections).



> Hi everyone,
> Following the poll on a coordination meeting this fall, it looks like
> the CfA is convenient for the most people, so Tom Aldcroft and myself
> have been looking into when/how we could organize this. We are
> envisaging a two-day AstroPy development coordination meeting for
> AstroPy (not a general Python in Astronomy meeting, which could happen
> as a AAS splinter for example). We've come up with a couple of dates
> that would be best in terms of logistics, namely September 8-9th and
> October 12-13th.
> Note that this would be more of an informal meeting than a conference
> (no 'official' catering for example). We're planning on booking a
> meeting room big enough for 30-40 people with a projector, tables, and
> (of course) internet. We will also try and make sure that we can hold
> meetings in smaller sub-groups for coordination relating to specific
> components on one of the days.
> We've created a poll at the following URL where you can indicate your
> name and preferences:
> http://www.doodle.com/7ea9i6frm95tekv9
> If neither of the dates work, please indicate it so we can discuss this further!
> Thanks!
> Thomas
> ps: In case this is relevant to some of you, the AAS HEAD meeting is
> 7-10th September in Rhode Island, which would conflict with the first
> set of dates.
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