[AstroPy] upgrade matplotlib within scisoft

Grigoris Maravelias gr.maravelias at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 17:17:09 EDT 2011

Hello list !

I am a newbie in python/pylab stuff but I really enjoy the advantages of 
these tools! I would like to ask about a puzzling problem that I try to 
search and fix for some days now. I found out that matplotlib1.0.1 can 
keep a window open so as to plot continuously in the same window. I have 
made some scripts that take advantage of the iraf/pyraf inside 
scisoft7.5 (in fedora 14) but there the matplotlib0.99 version is 
included which can plot only once in a script. How can I upgrade to the 

Perhaps the answer is obvious but I am not able to see it...



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